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Tesla Bot

As citizens of the twenty-first century, we have seen many technological advances that are transforming the world and the way we live.

Today, we can do everything with the aid of technology, and we are leading lives previously unthinkable. Elon Musk revealed on Tesla AI Day that Tesla would develop a humanoid robot dubbed Tesla Bot.

Tesla is the world's largest robotics business, and its vehicles resemble semi-sentient robots on wheels, complete with a self-driving computer and a slew of additional capabilities due to their superior sensors and batteries. As a result, he stated that they would be developing this as a humanoid and will likely have a prototype within the next year.

It will be pleasant to use and will aid in the elimination of hazardous, repetitive, and monotonous jobs. It will be built in such a way that people can readily power it. It will be a light weight of 125 pounds, capable of deadlifting up to 150 pounds, standing at 5'8" (the typical height of a person), and capable of walking at a pace of 5 miles per hour.

It has a screen in front of its head that displays all pertinent information, but since it is an autopilot, it will also have eight cameras. It will significantly aid in changing a country's economy by lowering labor costs, since a robot can do repetitive jobs that only people can accomplish.

He said that the robot was not meant to assist Tesla's manufacturing operations, but rather because Tesla is creating a large portion of the computers required for robotics, making it logical for Tesla to create a robot.

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By Niharika Arora

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